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Welcome to Gordon Pneumatic Sales


LPG Filling Scales & Equipment


  • We supply a wide range of cylinder filling scales and test station equipment.
  • Single LPG Filling Scale
  • Carousel 
  • Pneumatic De-Valving Machines
  • Date & Test Station Number Stamps               

Pneumatic Control Valves


  • We supply a wide range of 3/2, 5/2 & 5/3  solenoid, air pilot and manual pneumatic control valves in poppet and spool/ sleeve. For all industries including heavy duty. Such as steal works, glass works and aluminium 

Pneumatic Cylinders


  • Our range includes cylinders from 8m to 200ml bore. Cylinders can be provided from American standards including NFPA. You can also choose from international standards including ISO 6431 & 6432 , VDMA 24562 and all current standards. 

Solenoid Valves


  • We supply a wide range of solenoid and process control valves for water, air, dust, steam, oil and gas. Valves are available for all industries including hazardous areas.  
  • Materials available include; Brass, Stainless steel, Plastic and Aluminium.

Vacuum Equipment


  • Our range includes, air powered vacuum generators, electric vacuum pumps, vacuum filters, vacuum cups and accessories. 
  • They are used in the materials handling, manufacturing, packaging, conveying and printing industries. 
  • Materials available include: Vinyl, Silicon, all Rubbers.

Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps are a simple manual mechanism used for there high force to hold/clamp work pieces. We

  • Toggle clamps are a simple mechanical device that because of their unique “over–centre” action can provide very large holding forces. They are generally used to hold components in jigs whilst other actions such as welding, riveting etc. are performed. They are available in three types – vertical, horizontal and push-pull, with holding forces from 50kg to 2000kg. Manually operated are the most popular with some pneumatic versions also available

Pneumatic Tube & Fittings


  • We supply metric and imperial nylon, polyurethane and specialised tubes. We also supply metric and imperial tube fittings in nickel plated brass, brass, plastic and stainless steel.

Air Movers & Blow Guns


  • They are portable compressed-air appliances, which may be used as a blower or exhauster. They convert the compressed air into a large induced volume of moving air. The compressed air is fed through a side inlet and is expanded at a high velocity through an annular orifice. They are useful for emergency ventilation in workings where auxiliary fans cannot be installed. 

Air Preparation


  • For optimum performance dry clean compressed air at the correct pressure is essential. We provide the necessary equipment to achieve this and when required, airline lubricators can also be supplied.
  • Stainless steel units are also available. 

Pneumatic Accessories


  • We supply the following pneumatic accessories; Shuttle Valves, Flow Control Valves, Mufflers, Quick exhaust Valves, Pressure Gauges, Check (non return) Valves and Nitto/Ryco quick connect air hose fittings. 

Wiring LoomTape


We Supply a wide rang of Automotive Tape. It stretches well and gives an effective and long lasting insulation.